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Arthur Luiz PIZA


Grabado, 1969

Edición : 30/99

Editor : L'Oeuvre gravée

Catálogo : 135

91.50 cm. x 64.00 cm. | 36.02 in. x 25.2 in. (papel)

Slight handling creases
Small tear of 1 cm at the bottom of the sheet
This large plate by Piza (1928-2018) is a perfect example of the artist's technical mastery.
Brazilian artist moved to Paris in 1955, Piza trained with one of the best masters of the printmaking revival, Johny Friedlaender, who encouraged students to find their own way. For the young Piza, this personal path will be the use of sculptors' and chiselers' tools on thick copper plates.
Here, Piza uses this technique, the so-called sparing carving, that is to say, removing parts of the copper plate with a gouge and a hammer that gives it more strength and energy, so the motifs are hollow. The sheet of paper is placed on the plate and the intaglio patterns are printed in relief on the sheet, after the sheet is placed under the press. In addition to the usual inking of the copper plate with a roller, hand inking is necessary because the recesses are deeper than in the traditional technique.
Here, Piza composes two circles. The one in the foreground is composed of a multitude of small squares of two colors, which change shape as if they were arranged on a sphere, undergoing a deformation due to rotundity. The second sphere, larger, seems to be behind the first. The rendering of space is very convincing and Piza uses Op Art or Optical Art techniques that were very fashionable at the time, such as Vasarely's Vega for example. But he gives an original version, with a non-mechanical rendering, very precious.
The title, Eclipse, refers to this cosmic phenomenon where a planet or star occults another, totally or partially, as here. The two spheres occupy almost all the space of the sheet, as if they were going to escape, as if the sheet was struggling to contain their energy. The colors are very beautiful and warm. In short, a work that is both powerful and very delicate.

Certificado de autenticidad
La obra está en muy buen estado
Firmada a mano por el artista

Ref : LCD4693

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