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Interstices tissés (Engraving) - Mami  HIRANO


Interstices tissés, 2008

Engraving LCD3642


Le voleur de fleurs (Engraving) - Mami  HIRANO


Le voleur de fleurs, 2007

Engraving LCD3643


Autant de tête 10 (Engraving) - Mami  HIRANO


Autant de tête 10, 2007

Engraving LCD1481




Mami Hirano was born in 1981 in Iwaki, Fukushima. In 2006, she graduated from the Tokyo University of Fine Arts, an oil painting specialty. In 2008, she obtained a master's degree in engraving at the Tokyo University of Fine Arts.

Mami Hirano is an artist specializing in etchings and dry point that she uses to express a unique artistic world in monochrome. The characteristic lines of copper engraving become, under his hand, as light as lines drawn in Indian ink. The exhibition entitled "Veiled Heart", presents animals that flee the world and hide themselves in the eyes of others. A wolf sneaking between the trees or birds and colorful butterflies representing femininity ... Mami Hirano describes his works in the following terms: "at first glance, it looks like a rather sweet atmosphere but this work actually expresses the solitary wandering of the animal because it carries in it the two elements Yin and Yang ". For this artist, "the color monochrome" allows to express the moisture and body heat of his subjects. By quickly limiting the corrosion of the plates, it gives this blotting effect to his works. "It's a bit like blowing on a window to create steam."

With this technique, she manages to keep animals and plants alive and recreate the humidity that surrounds them. "Engraving is a fascinating and delicate art in which the result is difficult to predict and where chance plays an important role. The creative work on my works gives me sensations and that is what makes all the charm of this work ". The "veiled heart" of the artist also seems to appear between the lines of his works ...

            Junko Kawakami

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