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Single Work
Landscape 4 (Oil on copper ) - Sara FRATINI


Landscape 4, 2022

Oil on copper LCD5659


Single Work
Tree II (Oil on copper ) - Sara FRATINI


Tree II, 2022

Oil on copper LCD6031

1 680.00€

Single Work
As we search for our key in the horizon I (Oil on copper ) - Sara FRATINI


As we search for our key in the horizon I, 2022

Oil on copper LCD6037

1 200.00€

Single Work
The sacristy (Oil on paper (contemporary) ) - Sara FRATINI


The sacristy, 2018

Oil on paper (contemporary) LCD6035

1 300.00€

Single Work
Elixir (Oil on copper ) - Sara FRATINI


Elixir, 2022

Oil on copper LCD6033

1 440.00€

Single Work
Mise en abyme (Oil on copper ) - Sara FRATINI


Mise en abyme, 2022

Oil on copper LCD6032

1 200.00€

Single Work
Tree I (Oil on copper ) - Sara FRATINI


Tree I, 2022

Oil on copper LCD6030

1 680.00€

Single Work
Nostalgia in the first degree (Drawing (modern)) - Sara FRATINI


Nostalgia in the first degree, 2020

Drawing (modern) LCD5314

3 800.00€



Born in Florence in 1974, Sara Fratini is an artist who has lived and worked in Paris since 2007. After studying architecture at the University of Florence, she initially practiced as an architect in Italy and France before turning to an artistic career. Her transition to art was marked by training in Paris, at prestigious institutions such as the Beaux-Arts de Paris workshops, the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris, and the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs. There, she engaged in painting, a passion she has nurtured since childhood.

Fratini's work is characterized by a profound exploration of the dualities of space, in which she constantly plays with the notion of presence and absence. She uses everyday objects as key elements, imbued with symbols and meanings. Architecture and photography are essential tools in her creative process, allowing her to create spaces that are dreamed, unreal, and meticulously constructed. Fratini pays particular attention to framing and light, bringing her visions to life through carefully crafted compositions.

Photography, with its instant nature, plays a fundamental role in her work, acting as a preliminary to her paintings. She practices a kind of "theatricalization" of reality, staging everyday life as a foundation for her pictorial works. Her creations are often made in series, allowing for deeper exploration of themes and offering a subtle interplay between the veiled and the unveiled.

In her artistic process, the image is developed through a cycle of construction and deconstruction, navigating a form of ambiguity between appearance and disappearance, veiling and unveiling, affirmation and uncertainty. This dialogue between extremes gives her work remarkable depth and complexity.

Sara Fratini has thus established herself as a notable contemporary artist, with works that invite the viewer to introspective reflection on the nature of reality, perception, and existence itself. Her exhibitions in Paris and beyond attest to the growing recognition of her talent and her unique approach to art.

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