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Jean-Michel FOLON


The Bottled Message (Silksreen) - Jean-Michel FOLON

FOLON Jean-Michel

The Bottled Message, 1975

Silksreen LCD5397


Souvenir d'Alice (Silksreen) - Jean-Michel FOLON

FOLON Jean-Michel

Souvenir d'Alice, 1973

Silksreen LCD4516


Folon 20 ans d'affiches (Silksreen) - Jean-Michel FOLON

FOLON Jean-Michel

Folon 20 ans d'affiches, 1984

Silksreen LCD4841


Le Bateau (Etching and aquatint) - Jean-Michel FOLON

FOLON Jean-Michel

Le Bateau, 1979

Etching and aquatint LCD4522


The stone dream (Silksreen) - Jean-Michel FOLON

FOLON Jean-Michel

The stone dream, 1970

Silksreen LCD4524


Sans titre (Silksreen) - Jean-Michel FOLON

FOLON Jean-Michel

Sans titre, 1972

Silksreen LCD4525


Sans titre (Engraving) - Jean-Michel FOLON

FOLON Jean-Michel

Sans titre

Engraving LCD4523


Jean-Michel FOLON


Jean-Michel Folon was a Belgian artist, illustrator, painter, and sculptor.

He was born on 1 March 1934 in Uccle, Brussels, Belgium in 1934. He studied architecture at the Institut Saint-Luc.

Jean-Michel Folon became internationally known in the 1960s for his illustrations of works by famous artists such as Franz Kafka and Boris Vian, and for his poster and advertisement designs. Among other things, the Olivetti (typewriter) advertising campaigns of the 1950s and 1960s are marked by his signature and have been included in numerous poster collections. In addition, he sketched a wide variety of newspaper and magazine articles (including Time magazine) with his illustrations accompanying the topics, which were often used as covers. His pictures are often laid out in a light and subtle as well as surrealistic-melancholic watercolour and pen technique.

Folon's works, watercolours, sculptures and paintings have been exhibited in all the world's renowned museums.

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