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Celebration on June 7th (Oil on canvas (modern)) - Natalia DUMITRESCO


Celebration on June 7th

Oil on canvas (modern) LCD5279

4 500.00€



Born in Romania, Natalia Dumitresco was a painter who, after studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bucharest, arrived in Paris in 1947 with her husband, Alexandre Istrati, also a painter. Their arrival in the French capital marked the beginning of a rich and fruitful artistic period. They were welcomed by their compatriot, the sculptor Constantin Brâncuși, a major figure in modern art, who hosted them in a studio next to his, located in impasse Ronsin in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. This meeting with Brâncuși played a decisive role in their integration into the Parisian artistic milieu.

Their friendship with Brâncuși lasted a lifetime and, as a testament to their special relationship, Brâncuși named the Dumitresco-Istrati couple as his executors. This testifies to the mutual trust and admiration between these artists.

In her work, Dumitresco explored various themes, combining Romanian pictorial tradition with modern abstraction. Her painting is characterized by bold use of color and a constant search for new forms of expression. She received numerous awards throughout her career, including the prestigious Kandinsky Prize in 1955, recognizing her significant contribution to abstract art.

In addition to her artistic achievements, Natalia Dumitresco was committed to the promotion of contemporary art. She participated in numerous exhibitions in France and abroad, thus contributing to the radiance of abstract art. Her contribution to the art world was not limited to her own works; she also played a key role in preserving and promoting Brâncuși's artistic legacy.

After Constantin Brâncuși's death in 1957, Natalia Dumitresco and Alexandre Istrati dedicated themselves to preserving his work and recognizing its importance in the history of art. Their devotion to their friend and mentor is undeniable and reflects the depth of their friendship.

Natalia Dumitresco shares a tomb in the Montparnasse Cemetery with Constantin Brâncuși and Alexandre Istrati, symbolizing their unbreakable artistic and personal union. Their common burial site is a tribute to their collaboration and shared life, dedicated to art and friendship.

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