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Bernard BUFFET


Brussels City Hall (Lithograph) - Bernard BUFFET

BUFFET Bernard

Brussels City Hall, 1966

Lithograph LCD6124

1 600.00€

San Francisco (Lithograph) - Bernard BUFFET

BUFFET Bernard

San Francisco, 1966

Lithograph LCD5871

1 800.00€

Le château de Culan (Lithograph) - Bernard BUFFET

BUFFET Bernard

Le château de Culan, 1965

Lithograph LCD6165

1 000.00€

Le Village de Marines (Lithograph) - Bernard BUFFET

BUFFET Bernard

Le Village de Marines, 1985

Lithograph LCD6104

1 800.00€

The trapeze artists (Lithograph) - Bernard BUFFET

BUFFET Bernard

The trapeze artists, 1968

Lithograph LCD6093

1 800.00€

Mademoiselle Colombine (Lithograph) - Bernard BUFFET

BUFFET Bernard

Mademoiselle Colombine, 1968

Lithograph LCD6092

1 800.00€

Dutch windmill (Lithograph) - Bernard BUFFET

BUFFET Bernard

Dutch windmill, 1985

Lithograph LCD6044

2 000.00€

Head of woman (Lithograph) - Bernard BUFFET

BUFFET Bernard

Head of woman, 1980

Lithograph LCD6045

1 800.00€

Le jardin des pierres (Lithograph) - Bernard BUFFET

BUFFET Bernard

Le jardin des pierres, 1981

Lithograph LCD5870

1 600.00€

Ombelles et Iris (Lithograph) - Bernard BUFFET

BUFFET Bernard

Ombelles et Iris, 1990

Lithograph LCD5872

2 000.00€

Les deux soeurs (série du cirque) (Lithograph) - Bernard BUFFET

BUFFET Bernard

Les deux soeurs (série du cirque), 1968

Lithograph LCD5439

1 600.00€

Crocus jaunes (Lithograph) - Bernard BUFFET

BUFFET Bernard

Crocus jaunes, 1987

Lithograph LCD5438

2 200.00€

Primevères dans une coupe (Lithograph) - Bernard BUFFET

BUFFET Bernard

Primevères dans une coupe

Lithograph LCD5440

2 000.00€

The Bastille Day (Lithograph) - Bernard BUFFET

BUFFET Bernard

The Bastille Day, 1978

Lithograph LCD5303

2 800.00€

Visage (Lithograph) - Bernard BUFFET

BUFFET Bernard

Visage, 1967

Lithograph LCD5010

1 800.00€

Bernard BUFFET


Bernard Buffet is a French painter born in Paris in 1928 and died in 1999.

In 1943, he entered the National School of Fine Arts in Paris he left after two years. In 1946, he exhibited his first painting, a self-portrait, at the Salon des Moins de Thirty Years at the Galerie des Beaux-Arts.

In 1947, his painting titled "Still Life with Chicken" was purchased for the National Museum of Modern Art in Paris. In April 1948, he presented the painting Le buveur at the Prix de la jeune peinture organized at the Galerie Drouant-David in Paris. In 1955, he won the first place in the referendum organized by the journal Connaissance des Arts designating the ten best painters of the post-war period.

In 1958, he meets Annabel Schwob who will become his muse. In 1961, he painted a series of paintings depicting the life of Christ to decorate the chapel of Château l'Arc. Ten years later, at the request of the secretary of Pope Paul VI, Bernard Buffet will offer these paintings to the Vatican museum where they are exhibited in a particular room. In May 1971, he was named Knight of the Legion of Honor.

In 1973, the Bernard Buffet Museum was inaugurated in Surugadaira, Japan. In 1974, he was elected to the Academy of Fine Arts. In 1993, he was promoted knight of Arts and Letters. In 1997, appear the first symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

Can no longer paint because of the evil that gnaws at him, Bernard Buffet will end his life in 1999. His austere and realistic paintings express fear, suffering, poverty and the experience of a generation marked by war.

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