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Vhils (1987) / Sans Titre (Silksreen) -  VHILS


Vhils (1987) / Sans Titre

Silksreen LCD5223

1 200.00€

Vhils (1987) / Bleach (Lithograph) -  VHILS


Vhils (1987) / Bleach, 2017

Lithograph LCD5222

1 200.00€



Alexandre Farto, better known as Vhils, is a Portuguese artist born in 1987 in Lisbon. He gained international recognition in the urban art scene for his portraits carved into the walls of cities around the world. Vhils is distinguished by his unique technique of wall sculpting, which involves removing layers of walls to reveal his works, a method that starkly contrasts with the traditional graffiti based on adding paint.

From his teenage years, Vhils was drawn to the world of street art. Inspired by the rapid urban changes in his hometown, he began experimenting with stencils, posters, and other forms of street art. His style began to evolve while studying at the Byam Shaw School of Art in London, where he refined his techniques and explored new mediums.

Vhils' career truly took off in 2008, after one of his works was featured alongside those of Banksy at the Cans Festival in London. This exhibition marked a turning point, drawing international attention to his innovative approach to urban art.

Vhils is renowned for his large-scale portraits, often created from dilapidated walls and abandoned buildings. His works reveal not only the faces of anonymous or iconic individuals but also the history and memory of the urban environments in which he works. He uses various tools, such as jackhammers, drills, and explosives, to dig into concrete, wood, metal, or stone, creating fascinating and textured artworks.

Vhils' work is a reflection on identity, the ephemeral nature of urban life, and the effects of globalization. Through his art, he addresses themes such as the dehumanization of cities, the loss of individual identity, and the impact of consumer society on local cultures.

Vhils has exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide, and his works are part of prestigious public and private collections. He has also participated in numerous collaborative projects, artistic installations, and performances, thus expanding the scope of urban art.

Vhils' art is more than just aesthetic expression; it is a dialogue between the artist, the urban space, and the viewer. Each work is a discovery, an act of revealing hidden layers, both literally and metaphorically. His urban interventions invite the public to reflect on the built environment and the stories inscribed in the walls of our cities.

In summary, Vhils is an artist who has reinvented the visual language of urban art. His innovative techniques and poignant messages have made him a key figure in contemporary art, whose work continues to captivate and inspire an international audience.

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