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Triptych 1987 (Lithograph) - Francis BACON

BACON Francis

Triptych 1987, 1989

Lithograph LCD5286


Francis BACON


Francis Bacon, born in 1909 in Dublin to a wealthy family, experienced a difficult childhood marked by health problems and strained family relations. His father, a racehorse trainer, and his mother, from an industrial family, were dominant figures in his upbringing. Suffering from asthma and victim of abuse, the revelation of his homosexuality widened the gap with his father. At the age of sixteen, in an act of rebellion and independence, Bacon left the family home to pursue his passion for art.

Settling into a bohemian lifestyle, he became a decorator and began painting, influenced by surrealism. His artistic career started slowly, with his first solo exhibition in 1934 going almost unnoticed. However, his fate changed dramatically in 1945 with "Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion," a triptych that caused a scandal with its brutal and violent representation, catapulting Bacon into the art scene.

This sudden recognition allowed him to exhibit in Paris in 1957 and at the Tate Gallery in London in 1962. Bacon became famous for his triptychs, a form of expression that allowed him to develop his favorite themes such as crucifixion, self-portrait, and portraits of friends, including George Dyer and Isabel Rawsthorne. His works are characterized by tortured, mutilated, and deformed representations of bodies and faces, reflecting a dark and disturbed vision of humanity.

The 1960s marked a turning point in his career, with a series of successes and recognitions. His paintings were acquired by museums and collectors worldwide, and he became a key figure in modern art. Despite this, his personal life remained complex and troubled, particularly his relationship with George Dyer, his lover and model, who committed suicide in 1971. This tragic event inspired Bacon to create a series of deeply emotional and dark works.

In the following years, Bacon continued to explore themes of death, decay, and alienation, while experimenting with new techniques and artistic approaches. His unique style, with its bright colors and deformed shapes, continued to evolve, confirming his status as one of the most influential painters of the 20th century.

Francis Bacon died in 1992 in Madrid. His works continue to provoke admiration and controversy, testifying to his indelible impact on contemporary art. His paintings, often seen as commentaries on the human condition, remain masterpieces in modern art museums worldwide.

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