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Impression (Engraving) - Antoni CLAVE

CLAVE Antoni

Impression, 1967

Engraving LCD4168


Roi à la pipe (Rey  Pepe) (Lithograph) - Antoni CLAVE

CLAVE Antoni

Roi à la pipe (Rey Pepe), 1957

Lithograph LCD4148

1 200.00€

 (Engraving) - Antoni CLAVE

CLAVE Antoni

, 1979

Engraving LCD4147


Woman painter (Lithograph) - Antoni CLAVE

CLAVE Antoni

Woman painter, 1953

Lithograph LCD4146

1 200.00€

Troubadours (Lithograph) - Antoni CLAVE

CLAVE Antoni

Troubadours, 1970

Lithograph LCD2749


Feuille d'Automne (Lithograph) - Antoni CLAVE

CLAVE Antoni

Feuille d'Automne, 1965

Lithograph LCD1066


Moïse (Lithograph) - Antoni CLAVE

CLAVE Antoni


Lithograph LCD3718


Roi vert et rouge (Lithograph) - Antoni CLAVE

CLAVE Antoni

Roi vert et rouge, 1957

Lithograph LCD3717

1 200.00€

The Saintes-Maries (Lithograph) - Antoni CLAVE

CLAVE Antoni

The Saintes-Maries, 1951

Lithograph LCD3422


Leaf (Engraving) - Antoni CLAVE

CLAVE Antoni

Leaf, 1967

Engraving LCD3164


No title (Engraving) - Antoni CLAVE

CLAVE Antoni

No title

Engraving LCD3162


Blue Black (Etching and aquatint) - Antoni CLAVE

CLAVE Antoni

Blue Black, 1968

Etching and aquatint LCD2961


Gants au collage (Engraving) - Antoni CLAVE

CLAVE Antoni

Gants au collage, 1972

Engraving LCD2470


Gant au Colin-Maillard (Aquatint and carborundum) - Antoni CLAVE

CLAVE Antoni

Gant au Colin-Maillard, 1970

Aquatint and carborundum LCD1647


Composition (Lithograph) - Antoni CLAVE

CLAVE Antoni


Lithograph LCD1506


Antoni CLAVE


Antoni Clavé is a Spanish painter born on April 5, 1913 in Barcelona.

After working in the building, he returned to the Beaux-Arts in Barcelona in 1930, for two years.

Forced to leave Spain during the civil war, he fled to France. In Paris, he became a stage designer and illustrator (Carmen, Gargantua). In 1941, he set up his first studio at 45 rue Boissonade in Paris and then 4 rue de Châtillon.

In 1942, March 20, birth of his son Jacques and meeting Picasso in 1944, it is a revelation. He worked with Roland Petit in the early 1950s but he decided to paint and stop the decoration in 1954.

Clavé works hard. Unclassifiable, neither figurative nor abstract, and both with his strength and mystery, he also liked collages and willingly indulged in the randomness of creation. As for sculpture, he only took an interest in it at the beginning of his career and then much later. Antoni Clavé left Paris for Saint-Tropez around 1965. In 1977, he laid his first trompe l'oeil.

The National Museum of Modern Art in the city of Paris devoted a retrospective in 1978. The Venice Biennale exhibited more than 100 works in the Spanish Pavilion in 1984. A César / Clavé exhibition was presented in Montélimar in 2007. For the centenary of the birth of the artist in 2013, the Fundación Vila Casas in Barcelona organizes a retrospective of his work.

Antoni Clavé dies on August 30, 2005 in Saint-Tropez. He is buried in Paris, in the Montparnasse cemetery.

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