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How to lease an artwork from us

How to lease an artwork

What is art leasing ?

The term "leasing" is commonly understand as the contract that allows a person or a company to rent a work for a given period. At the end of this period, the lessee has the possibility of acquiring the work for a predefined amount, in return for a largely reduced starting price, i.e. the residual part.

Leasing has many advantages, including the possibility of exhibiting works of art in a simple manner, while being accompanied by professionals, benefiting from tax reductions and granting very interesting final purchase options.

For businesses and licenced professionals

Art leasing is mainly for businesses and professionals. It allows you to bring art into your workspace, office, cabinet, or meeting room or in your waiting room, hallway or reception area.

Acquiring a work of art is not only a way to embellish your space but also to display your values, assert your identity and assume a high-end image with your employees and customers. The factors of exchange and sharing that an artwork represents should not be neglected because it is also a source of well-being, which encourages creativity at work and provides a sense of belonging.

The financial benefits

Leasing an artwork has several financial and fiscal advantages. Firstly, the progressive payment allows you to spread the cost of the purchase over several months, even several years. It is by nature a rental expense and therefore does not alter your company's borrowing capacity.

The frenc law provides that this financing process is part of the decoration and fitting out of professional spaces in account 6068 of the general chart of accounts, in the same way as the rental or purchase of furniture or various fitting out elements.

According to article 39-1-1° of the General Tax Code (CGI), the totality of the monthly payments is accounted for as deductible expenses from the company's net profit. It is therefore deducted from the company's tax base.

According to article 238 bis AB of the CGI, the monthly payments made for the leasing of a work of art by a contemporary artist are deductible from corporate income tax (IS) for companies or from personal income tax (IRPP) for licensed professionals. Leasing brings flexibility to the company, it can invest in a work of art while defiscalising 33% of its price and up to 75% for a liberal profession subject to the IRPP.

In practice

To acquire a leased work of art, whether it is a painting, a print, a sculpture or a ceramic, you only need to contact us in order to select one or several works. Our specialists are available to advise you in this choice. We will draw up the leasing contract with you, defining the monthly payments that suit you best.

Once the contract is signed, we ensure the transport as soon as possible with our delivery partners, in France and abroad. At the end of the contract, you will have the possibility to pay the residual part to become the artwork’s owner.

Secure payment

Free DHL Express delivery from €1,200

Shipment insured
for the value of the artwork, covering theft and damages

Fairest prices
Certificate of authenticity
Two galleries in Paris

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