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"Juste Présent" de Tristan Tzara planche 3

Etching and aquatint, 1961

38.50 cm. x 28.00 cm. | 15.16 in. x 11.02 in. (paper)

Tristan Tzara and Sonia Delaunay were at the height of their fame when they collaborated on this art book.
The writer is considered the father of Dadaism, a movement that emerged from the rubble of the Great War. He founded the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich in 1916, and went on to publish Dada magazine and several manifestos against the established system in society, art and literature. Tzara later joined the Surrealist movement. He produced a plethora of engaged poems and theories on modern art. The two artists collaborate for the first time on the play Le Coeur à Gaz. The absurdity and nonsense of Tzara's text were brought to life by Delaunay's simultaneous dresses. Their artistic friendship would be prolific for almost forty years. 

Our work bears witness to Sonia Delaunay's process of reflection on the observation of light and its projection in the service of her art. The motif is composed of concentric circles and triangles. The structure of these geometric elements is likewise conceived as beams of light emerging from darkness, as signified by the black background.

The chromatic values compose a harmony based on a contrast between black and red, asserted by green. The empty spaces are interstices that allow light to pass through.

Certificate of authenticity
Very good condition
Handsigned by the artist in pencil

Ref : LCD4905

2 000.00 €

($2,178.08 - £1,679.63 - CHF 1 951,41)

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